History of cadwork, from 1980 to now…


In the 1980s, Yves Depeursinge, project manager at the LSRH / CSEM in Neuchâtel (CH), a research division of the watch industry, is at the origin of the basic concept and the main lines of the software, as well as its name “cadwork”.

A few years later, in 1984, Yves Depeursinge joined the engineering firm Bonnard & Gardel, in Lausanne, and, knowing that the new CSEM was no longer interested in this product, transferred the rights to Bonnard & Gardel, who engages in the project and introduces further development in the field of construction.
Mr. Depeursinge, in collaboration with Michel Jecker, participates in the realization of the first concrete application: the portal of the A9 highway in St-Maurice in Switzerland.

In 1987, in collaboration with Prof. EPFL’s Natterer, as part of a federal government CERS / CTI research program undertaken at the EPF Lausanne timber building chair, the cadwork CAD system is adapted for wood construction.

After the research program was completed in 1988, the former EPFL group of Andreas Walther and Jean-Philippe Eschbach decided to join forces and set up his own company, Cadwork Informatique CI SA, whose head office The principal is currently located in Basel (CH), and acquires the rights to the cadwork program.

With the creation of the software informatik Software GmbH, Hildesheim (D) in 1992, a second development center was created, focusing on timber construction needs. The other cadwork modules continue to be created and developed by the Cadwork Informatique SA office in Lausanne.

Since 1989, nearly 20 branches and agencies have sprung up in Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world to provide development, representation and customer support.