The Cadwork 04 team : 


Cadwork 04 includes Cadwork France, based in Saône (FR) and Cadwork SA, which is based in Semsales (CH).

The 2 teams of about 20 employees offer high-end 3D CAD/CAM solutions for wood construction and joinery, advise companies and provide a quality service in terms of training and support.

Markets attached to Cadwork 04 are mainly France and the French-speaking regions (outside the EU), in Switzerland the French-speaking region, the cantons of Berne and Ticino, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, and Asia, mainly Japan and China.

The Swiss-based company was founded in Montreux (CH) in 1990 under the direction of Stefan Stamm. Then she moved to Blonay (CH) in new offices designed on cadwork.
In 2005, an office was opened in Paris, then, at the beginning of 2012, a second one in Nantes.

In 2014, the company underwent a major change: Stefan Stamm, CEO for more than 20 years, handed over the management to 4 of his long-time employees, Valérie Repond, Willy Berthoud, Loris Di Giacopo and Yoann Quellien.

In 2016, a new branch, Cadwork France Sàrl, was created in Saône (Besançon), based in eastern France.

2017 is also a significant date for Cadwork SA, which is leaving its offices in Blonay and the lakeside to settle in the quiet countryside of the canton of Fribourg in the municipality of Semsales.

Cadwork SA 
Route du Devin 2 – CH-1623 Semsales
Tel : +41 21 943 00 40
Fax : +41 21 943 00 50

Cadwork France Sàrl
1 Rue de la Glacière – F-25660 Saône