Whether you are a technician, carpenter, carpenter, carpenter or engineer, whether you are a designer, director or producer, whether you are of the old or the new generation, cadwork tools are there to allow you to use your own drawing and design methods.

Both the most powerful drawing board, with the construction features that allow you to create your most beautiful purity, and at the same time, the most powerful modeler, allowing you to work on the most complex 3D shapes.


The DLT menu “Design Like you Think” or “Draw as you think” is the secret of cadwork to be usable in production after only 2 days of training. The DLT is the shortest path between what you think and the action of drawing. Simple verbs, which describe an action on the active elements, to draw naturally and intuitively, even if you are not a computer pro.

Are you both in the office and on site?

Trying the DLT cadwork is like adopting it. There is no need to repeat training between two sessions of use, or to leave your mouse on the icons to remember which actions they are associated with.
Think, draw, draw, pick up where you left off.


Go back in time….

The modification tools save you valuable time throughout the day, but a false manipulation and your entire site could be postponed. Undo your last actions in cadwork as easily as you did them.

Be confident….

Your site is designed, but a mistake is so quickly made… Trust the cadwork control tools. An element positioned on another, a collision, a misaligned pin, a bolt too short… cadwork checks everything, all the time and at your request.

Be serene….

cadwork manages your backups. Choose the locations, numbers and intervals between backups according to your company policy.


Based on the ACIS geometric modeling kernel (3D rendering engine), 3D cadwork allows you to create all possible and imaginable elements.
Everything is possible and unlimited: geometric modification operations, cutting, extrusion, inclusion, assembly, etc….


The 3D model is made? Production can start.

  • Export your desired plans from 3D cadwork (masonry, manufacturing, hardware, assembly, assembly details, etc…)
  • Edit your order lists by item type, your production lists by destination
  • Export your machine files for cutting, assembly and welding.
  • Improve your production with cadwork optimization.
  • Manage your inventory with list compatibility with the largest ERP software packages.
  • Use the cadwork shaping detection engine to create pre-measured part by part drawings and exports to cutting machines of unparalleled quality and speed.


You have the possibility to test the cadwork solutions for 2 months before making your decision! Following a 2-day training course, you receive a complete and free trial version valid for 2 months, including telephone assistance and all our services.


Combine several modules to cover all areas of your activity

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