Why IFC in cadwork?

Created in order to gain in productivity, BIM is essentially based on the capitalization of the know-how of all the actors intervening around the construction of a building.

cadwork has always adopted this BIM philosophy of intelligent design, where each volume is associated with geometrical, productive or economic information.

For more than 25 years, cadwork has made it possible to design digital models in its 3D modeler by helping the designer with tools designed for him.

The BIM (Building Information Modeling), a new step which consists in globalizing the digital model to all the building trades.

In the end, it is a question of designing an even more complete digital mock-up that contains not only structural information, but also architectural, thermal, climatic, electrical, etc. information.


Import and export IFC in cadwork

Thanks to the IFC Import/Export module and the IFC language (universal data exchange format used to convert a native format into a universal format), cadwork is able to import architectural data.

These will allow you to rely on your architect’s design, without errors when entering dimensions or reading plans. Each actor can then benefit from the know-how of his collaborators and capitalize his own know-how in an ideally unique file.

The 3D elements of software such as architecture, steel structure, concrete structure or thermal calculation, are thus directly imported into cadwork.

Once the production part is completed, cadwork allows you once again to transmit your data to the global digital model through the use of the IFC language.

In order to respect the BIM process, only the information from cadwork must be exported in order to produce the structural and production part of the digital mock-up.

As always, the support of our team of professionals and the advice of our BIM experts is provided. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our collaborator responsible in your region.

Did you know that?

cadwork has successfully passed the IFC 2×3 Import certification. For you, this is the assurance of using reliable software that is compatible with your process.

It’s never been seen before, but cadwork has passed all the tests without exception… who can say better?

Are you curious? Go to the Building SMART site to view the certification report or view it directly here :








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