How does it work ?

cadwork Connect is a stand-alone application allowing you to control the cadwork modelers via a real-time connection to a Leica tool from your PC.

The application opens the PC communication ports and converts the theodolite data into information that is usable in cadwork.

Toolbar cadwork

To try is to love

Measurement tool interfaces, if they are well designed, cannot be more complex than a CAD interface.

cadwork and cadwork Design are offering you a simple interface allowing you to add points, lines and surfaces and to modify them in real time (color, name etc…).

Checks made during the measurement process (Measure function in cadwork) allow you to ensure the validity of your survey, and all this, before leaving the job site.

Did you know ?

Cadwork 04 is a Leica reseller. We have chosen and tested every tools we sell for you to ensure that the choice you make is the right one.

  • Leica Builder 309
  • Leica Builder 509
  • Leica Disto 3d
  • Leica Disto s910

All these tools have been tested with cadwork products by our technical department and they will give you a real advantage.

In addition, if your device order is made through cadwork, the Connect module is made available to you, free of charge.


You have the possibility to test the cadwork solutions for 2 months before making your decision! Following a 2-day training course, you receive a complete and free trial version valid for 2 months, including telephone assistance and all our services.


Combine several modules to cover all areas of your activity

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