With cadwork, you can convert your 3D models to the HTML5 (WebGL) format.

Then, this 3D file can be opened directly in a web browser without the need to install another software beforehand.

From every cadwork module, you can import your project data in cadwork Design. If you only have 2D data, you can improve them in 3D with our modelers.

You don’t have cadwork? This is not a problem !


Create an IFC file from your current CAD program and the door is opened for you to publish your 3D model quickly and easily.

Afterwards, simply send this file to your clients by email or put it online on your web page. Viewing the file will only require a current internet browser.

See for yourself.

Did you know ?

The Webviewer export is included for free in all cadwork solutions… So why would you not use it?


You have the possibility to test the cadwork solutions for 2 months before making your decision! Following a 2-day training course, you receive a complete and free trial version valid for 2 months, including telephone assistance and all our services.


Combine several modules to cover all areas of your activity

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