Design office

The CBS-Lifteam group is specialized in the study and realization of innovative wood structures, most often with very large spans, as well as in the development of new technologies related to wood engineering.


CBS-CBT, one of the most specialized entities in the world for the expertise of wood structures, has developed non-destructive testing tools.

Production (Ecotim)

Ecotim is a workshop that produces prefabricated wooden elements (frameworks, slabs, fully integrated wooden frames), for the realization of housing, public, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Construction (Lifteam)

For the construction part, the CBS-Lifteam group can rely on LIFTEAM, based in La Rochette (73) and in Choisy-le-Roi. This entity will handle the projects in the works phase, either in separate lots, in macro-lots or in TCE (all trades).

Structural systems

CBS-LIFTEAM group has developed highly innovative structural and constructive systems in wood, totally oriented towards HQE.

The Project

Photo credits : ©11h45
Architect : Atelier Thierry Roche et Associés
Carpenter (wood lot) : CBS/LIFTEAM

Construction of the Descartes Plus building – Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées

  • Prefabricated wood frame walls, cellulose insulation, larch cladding 21 x 132
  • Vertical wooden cleats 40 x 80
  • BBC building subjected to air tightness tests
  • Client : Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (77)
  • Architect : Atelier Thierry Roche & Associés (69)
  • BET Bois : CBS (Choisy 94)
  • Supply : Ecotim (La Rochette 73)
  • Carpenter : Lifteam (La Rochette 73)
  • Surface area: 2470 m²
  • Cost of wooden structure : 449 000 €
  • Year : 2012


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