Created in 2004 by Joël BLANC, Altibois gathers men from the world of carpentry, joinery, roofing and zinc work, in order to constitute a multidisciplinary team of the wood construction, construction assembler, it is composed today of about forty people.

  • Administrative
  • Quantity surveyor and project manager
  • Design office
  • Permanent site managers on site
  • Team Manager
  • Workers
  • Apprentis

The project

Tertiary park is composed of 5 buildings in R+2 for office use (three buildings of 1,200 m², a building of 2,170 m² and a building of 890 m² at the entrance of the site for mixed use of shops and offices) at the edge of a wooded area classified.

Location of the project

City: Aix en Provence
Department : Bouches du Rhône (13)
Region : Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Construction Stakeholders

Project owner : Nexity
Project manager : TANGRAM Architecture

Typology : 5 office buildings R+3
Year of construction : 2012-2013
Net floor area : 6600 m², the largest tertiary park outside the Paris region

Specificity of the work

Structure: Solid Binder panels, prefabrication of walls, structure, insulation, cladding, joinery, in the workshop at La Tour
Cladding : Openwork larch cladding
Constraints : Lifting time (1st building in 2 weeks)


  • 6,650 m² SHON in total: 4 office buildings in R+2, positive energy, and 1 mixed building in R+2, with a wind turbine
  • Construction process in solid wood structural panels. Double flow ventilation system
  • Reversible heat pump: air/water
  • Electric lighting with dimmable system, installation of LED lights, presence detectors, sunshade system integrated into the frames of the woodwork (East and West facades)
  • Balconies on the south facade acting as sunshades
  • Roof in photovoltaic panels integrated (not visible) to the buildings on a surface of 1 200 m²
  • Places for 2 wheels and bicycles
  • PMR accessibility to all buildings
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles

Certifications / Labels

BDM level gold label (design and realization)


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