With creativity, strength of proposal and audacity, we conceive, concretize and integrate the wood and the reinforced concrete in the projects.

With quality, reliability and simplicity we elaborate schools, public buildings, works of art, villas and houses, administrative buildings, symbolic works, large span halls as well as restorations of old works.

With a perfect control of the cost and the deadlines, we pilot building sites and carry out the global management of projects.

With precision and safety, we carry out static calculations, dimension structures and draw up tenders.

With a great technical mastery, we make execution plans, detail plans and workshop plans.

With our knowledge, we carry out technical or judicial expertises, give technical advice and lead conferences.

With our experience, we ensure the general direction of the work.

With reliability, we propose turnkey projects thanks to our company Realiz Sàrl.

With competence, we control the budgets.

With professionalism, we ensure the promotion of achievements.

With audacity, we integrate the latest technological innovations.

The Project
Sports complex on the Clamart-Trivaux campus

Wood engineer : Charpente Concept
Carpenter : Poulingue

The new sports complex for the city of Clamart is one of the many high-tech challenges that cadwork is capable of meeting.

Enveloped by an undulating roof, the design of this building came at the right time with the release of the new V21 version, where the management of large-scale projects has been greatly facilitated, especially with the management of curved elements.

Technically, this building extends over a length of 130m by 40m wide, for a height of more than 10m and its structure is composed of curved LVL beams in both planes, assembled by broached metal fittings.

For this kind of events, cadwork is obviously pushed to its limits: use of container elements for the export of complex hardware drawings, export volumes for assembly drawings, drawing of curved parts in several planes, drawing of curved elements in the middle of a new graphic engine…

The cadwork team had a few cold sweats! Of course it did! But as time went by, the project took more and more importance, under a more and more serene climate.

And it is with a certain emotion that we discover the first images of the structure already installed on site, this structure that we have seen hundreds of times through a computer screen.

When you think about it, cadwork is not only a software, it is an adventure, an adventure that is getting better every day thanks to its customers who are taming this majestic material that brings us all together…


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