As a specialist, HBD-CLT intervenes upstream of projects to assist engineering professionals in the design, analysis and calculation of the structures of their projects

HBD-CLT then supplies the CLT panels to measure thanks to CAD design and prefabrication in the factory.
As one of the major European industrial players in the field of CLT construction processes, HBD-CLT has chosen to work in collaboration with the family-owned company EGOIN. A long-lasting and committed partnership: HBD-CLT is the exclusive distributor of EGOIN in France.

After study, calculation note and plans, HBD-CLT delivers the CLT panels to the construction site anywhere in France.
The upstream preparation of all the elements ensures a clean, ultra-fast, safe and unobtrusive construction site: only 4 workers are needed (3 men and 1 crane operator) and they can work in occupied areas.
With more than 80 construction sites and a network of carpenter/fitter partners, HBD-CLT is able to respond to any project in its entirety.

The Project

Architect : Y AMROUCHE et C: BESSON

Project name: Health building
Location : Asnières sur seine
Date : 2017

Glued laminate

On a concrete first floor, two floors in CLT (Cross Laminated Timer) with floors, a top floor in curved laminated timber and a CLT roof terrace are built.

Installed in 6 weeks in a narrow street in the Paris region, on the banks of the Seine.

Location : Asnières-sur-Seine (92)
Date : 2017
Type of building : Health establishments
Project manager : ADMS Architectes – Atelier +
Architect : Y. AMROUCHE & C. BESSON
Control office : APAVE
Construction time : 6 weeks
M3 of CLT installed: 350 m3 of CLT + 50 m3 of Glued-Laminate.
Use of CLT : Walls – Floors – Roofs


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