Our approach is the ECO-construction, because we are convinced that using healthy materials in the habitat is essential for the respect of our planet and our children who will inherit it… it is this approach which pushes us every day with you to work various concepts, like among others, the straw house, the slabs wood on piles, the energy savings, the bioclimatism, the use of local and not treated wood. We wish to be actor and creator of our future.

The Project
Framework of an oak tower and its watchtower

Built thanks to the know-how of local craftsmen, including the Ty Coat company of Plestin-les-Grèves, on the model of those destroyed by the fire of 1927, in wood from the Crénan property, sawn and delivered by the Salaün sawmill of Plaine-Haute, the two towers were raised, hoisted and placed on top of the castle. Guided by the carpenters’ orders, the crane operator installed the frames, centimeter by centimeter, under the admiring eyes of the spectators.
Under construction since 2011

(© Le Télégramme http://www.letelegramme.fr/cotes-darmor/le-foeil/chateau-de-crenan-la-tour-de-nouveau-coiffee-10-07-2017-11590408.php#eI2PZbd3LPMDMLZB.99)

Video of the lifting of the frame of an oak tower and its watchtower on a Breton renaissance manor located near Quintin (22).


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