Established in the city: MONTMIRAIL (51210), our company ZELLEK EXPERT ETUDES BOIS & BIM is specialized in the realization of services in technical studies and expertises of buildings, partially or mainly, in wood structure by integrating the management of projects in BIM approach (digital model and electronic management of the information “building”).

Well integrated in the local context, we privilege the service, the listening and the proximity of our customers, but nowadays this proximity is not limited to the physical proximity.

Our area of action is unlimited thanks to the exchange of computerized data, however we privilege regional proximity for missions requiring a regular follow-up, that is why we intervene mainly in Île-De-France / Picardie & Champagne-Ardenne.

The use of the latest technologies available in the field of construction constitutes the main quality approach of the company, without forgetting the search for quality of service.

The Project
Design of a hotel


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