WebGL visualization

The WebGL export has demonstrated its flexibility and power when it appeared in v23 and with the additional developments since.

This export is ideal for sharing your projects to a wide audience and for a wide variety of uses: trade, technical details, complete projects for on-site operation in addition to paper plans, etc.

In addition, the HTML format generated by the WebGL export ensures that any user can consult the project on any computer, PC, IPhone, smartphone or tablet.

When exporting WebGL files, you can choose which options the file user will have or not, and organize the file by choosing the attributes passed along with their hierarchy. All items visible at the time of export are saved in the created .html file.

Free BIM Viewer

cadwork offers its Viewer for free to view standard IFC files.

Installing this Viewer allows anyone to view IFC files.

It’s simple, reliable and accessible to everyone.

The IFC file simply opens in the cadwork interface, which is limited in its functionality compared to the paid license. You can then access the properties of the displayed objects, and view the attributes of your files, without user code or license.

Click here to download cadwork Viewer


TeamViewer software is an easy-to-use tool for online technical support.

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