A family company serving the agricultural world for 3 generations
A constant evolution in its activities

  • manufacture of forage wagons
  • manufacture of stalls in livestock buildings
  • manufacture and assembly of buildings
  • transformation and trade of wood

Significant experience in the agricultural sector :

  • more than 70 years in the manufacture of agricultural equipment
  • more than 30 years in the development of livestock buildings
  • more than 20 years in the design, manufacture and assembly of buildings

A knowledge of the trade allowing :

  • to better understand your needs and to propose you the building project which is adapted to it
  • to have a follow-up of your building site from the beginning of the work until the entry of your animals
  • to ensure the comfort of your animals and to facilitate your work.
    Efficient construction methods allowing
  • to reduce the final cost
  • to ensure a long life to the building
  • to give a nice aesthetic aspect to the construction
    More than 2500 building references in our region
  • An expanding sector of activity

The Project

Agricultural building

Wood / metal / concrete


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