Interoperable by essence


cadwork is the interoperable software suite by essence; PDF, DXF, SAT, IFC, connect with digital measurement tools, select the application which will allow you to have the least possible data to retype.


No limit to your creativity

We understand the frustration when the tool does not make it possible to concretize an idea or becomes a limit to your inventiveness.

cadwork is a 3D modeling software, and thanks to that, everything becomes possible down to the smallest detail.

At the same time, the 2D and Lists tools as well as the shop drawing export allow you to put your ideas in perspective through a semi-automatic output of your plans, bill of material and production and production sheets.

The tools to formulaite your ideas and share them

Project your customers into their future world with stunning realistic renderings, virtual reality and more.
Use the WebGL export that will allow your team and / or customers to take advantage of the 3D model and be able to navigate without having to install any programs or other applications.

Crédit Cadwork 04


This solution uses the following modules :


You have the possibility to test the cadwork solutions for 2 months before making your decision! Following a 2-day training course, you receive a complete and free trial version valid for 2 months, including telephone assistance and all our services.